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Safety Mask Designs

The State, Visual Arts Scholastic Event was judged virtually for the first time ever. Comfort High School has an incredible artist that made it to the State "Vase" competition. Mercedes Ellis 's artwork made it to "State Recognition" with a high score. This is a great asset to put in her resume and portfolio when applying to a University and or Art School. Thank you, Mercedes, for your dedication to the Fine Arts. You are an amazing artist!



Artist: Mercedes Ellis, 2020

Title: "Blind Faith"

Medium: Oil Painting and Collage

Steampunk Art Projects -Steampunk celebrates INNOVATION! It is modern technology— computers, robotics, air travel—powered by steam and set in the1800’s.

CHS, ART 2020, Automatic drawing (distinguished from the drawn expression of mediums) was developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious. In automatic drawing, the hand is allowed to move "randomly" across the paper.

Environmental Art – Using untraditional materials to create art. Using natural found objects from their environment to identify the “Element of Art” which are line, color, form, texture, value, space & shape.