Comfort High School

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Comfort Gear UPDATE


Global Supply Chain challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting all industries and companies, including Fan Cloth.  We apologize for the impact it is having on your Fan Cloth stores.


Our current order fulfillment estimate is 6-7 weeks after the shop close date, which is approximately 15 days longer than the same time last year. 


Every Team Member is focused on expediting every order in the system. 


Get your Comfort Gear Here!

New Items and designs! Running now through August 18th. Loud Crowd Shirts also Available! Please make sure to choose one of our following Cheer Team Members to support:


Emily Rausch
Emily Rivera
Gracie Rust
Kaley Pankratz
Molly Hamilton
Sarah Arias
Victoria Hernandez
Aubrey Finke
Brenna Green
Emily Villagran
Kendall Swain
Marriah Martinez
Mia Bagnato
Paulina Dorado
Savanna Johnson
Victoria Kessova
Meghan Davis
Samantha Rosales
Tryniti Holland