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Itinerary for Ingram

5:15pm -  Load instrument trailer
5:45pm  - Load buses
5:50pm - Depart CHS
6:30pm - Arrive IHS
7:00pm - in uniform and in the stands for warm up
7:20pm - Alma Mater
7:30pm - Kick Off
10:35pm - Depart IHS
11:10pm - Arrive CHS, unload trailer, hang up uniforms

Itinerary for Fredericksburg Marching Contest 9/30/17

Itinerary for FMC Saturday, September 30th
  • 11am - CHS Band Hall in seats with music, instrument and pencil
  • 11:30am - Run-through Drill at CHS stadium
  • 12 noon - clean instruments, load trailer
  • 12:30pm - in seats with uniform bag, sock and shoes on, shoes polished, check for all uniform parts (gauntlets, gloves, hat)
  • 12:45pm - load uniforms on trailer and on bus ready to depart
  • 12:50pm - Leave CHS
  • 1:20pm - Arrive FHS, put on uniforms, unload equipment, line up for warm up
  • 1:50pm - warm up
  • 2:30pm - Perform
  • 3:00pm - load equipment, change, head to Gattis
  • 4:30pm - back to FHS for final performances
  • 7:15pm - award ceremony
  • 8:00pm - depart FHS
  • 8:30pm - arrive CHS, unload all equipment, hang uniform up
***students leaving early from the competition must have a parent sign  out  with Mr. Evans